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How to download and print a digital sewing pattern from Ikatee?

You can find a video tutorial on downloading and printing our sewing patterns on the tutorials page.

As soon as you pay your order, you will receive a confirmation email with access to the digital files to download.

Select the size you wish to use.

When you print your sewing pattern, make sure your printer scales at 100%. We advise you to check the scale that's on first page of the sewing pattern to make sure your  print has the right size.

Print all pages on A4 or US Letter size paper.

Assemble the pages following the instructions on the first page (following the alphabetical order), and making sure the squares or diamonds are face to face. The printing margins around the borders are to be cut or folded.

Use tape to tape the pages together, especially in the middle of pieces.

Cut around the pieces following the cut lines. You don't need to add space as the sewing margins of 0,7 cm or 1/4" are taken into account.

Check that you have all the pieces after cutting, using the assembly layout like the one here.

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