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A free pattern and a passionate, creative community.

At Ikatee we love sewing and, above all, we love sharing our creations and our favourites to inspire you to create even more. So we've decided to offer you 1 free sewing pattern in PDF format to download and print.

Free baby sewing pattern to download in pdf

We have selected 1 free sewing pattern for baby with :

  • Vega, the easy cardigan from 1 month to 4 years.

Free children's sewing pattern to download in pdf

We have selected 2 free sewing patterns for children with :

  • The Ibiza Girl's Top for ages 3 to 12,
  • The Mixed Jim children's trousers for ages 3 to 12.

Free women's sewing pattern to download in pdf

We have selected 1 free pattern for women with :

  • Santiago, the flounce skirt available in sizes 32 to 52.

These baby, child and women's sewing patterns are at the crossroads of ease and style. You'll be able to discover our sewing patterns and tutorials, and they're ideal for getting started with children's sewing yourself.

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Free Pattern

Vega: the free pattern for a timeless unisex cardigan

Vega is a sewing pattern for a comfortable unisex cardigan. With a full straight cut, dropped shoulders, a bottom with added band, a mid-hip length and a bias neckline, it has a basic shape for an impeccable result, even for beginner seamstresses. The optional small round patch pockets add the finishing touches. The buttoning is at the front and the bottom sleeves are hemmed or bias-cut.

Santiago: the free pattern for the essential ruffled skirt

Santiago is a ruffled skirt with elasticated waistband, the perfect pattern for getting started sewing women's clothing! With its two length options and the wide choice of fabrics you can use, it really is the pattern to have in your wardrobe.

Ibiza: the free knotted blouse pattern

Ibiza is a loose-fitting children's blouse with knotted shoulder straps. An easy-to-make summer garment with meticulous finishing that will teach you how to bias armholes, gather fabric, assemble English seams and hem.

Jim: the free pattern for mixed children's trousers

Straight cut, elasticated waist, tightened hem and two small pockets for this free sewing pattern for basic trousers, essential for all wardrobe wardrobes and infinitely adaptable. The addition of well-chosen ribbing can simply enhance the look.