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Sakura dress girl pattern

Many of our sewing patterns in French are also available in paper. But it was not the case for English versions. Yet…

I'm happy to announce that thanks to your feedback a few weeks ago, I have double checked, triple checked the tutorials, put into paper version and printed 6 paper sewing patterns. More will come in the next weeks.

This first salvo includes : 

What do they look like? In a manila enveloppe, you get the tutorial printed in A5 size, full color, with all the usual content : 

  • fabric recommendations
  • supplies table
  • cutting layouts
  • full instructions with pictures and sketches

You also get the full size, printed sewing pattern that you can use with transfer paper to sew the model, over and over and over…


We have updated our shipping conditions to make it as inexpensive as possible for you. And we hope to make them soon available in haberdasheries. There's already one in Switzerland (Vive la Suisse !) : Lilly Paris close to Zürich. Distributors that are interested can contact my husband at

You can find all paper sewing patterns that are available here:

I'm going back in my workshop to finish the new sewing patterns.
  • Stéphanie Godefroy

Electre now available up to 4 years 0

I have just updated Electre, the frilled collar blouse for baby girls that was already available in the shop.

The new version of this sewing pattern for baby girls is now available from 1 months to … 4 years, instead of 1 year old.

blouse baby girl sewing pattern

Also available in the download is a new "all sizes" pdf sewing pattern. This allows you to print just once the sewing pattern and use the same master sewing pattern each time you want to report the pattern to transfer paper.

All customers who have bought Electre must have received an update email with a new download link. Contact me if you have an issue.

  • Stéphanie Godefroy

Marcel : a classic basic garment for boys 0

A new sewing pattern for boys with this classic T-Shirt sewing patterns. Marcel is a 3-in-1 sewing pattern for boys aged 3-12 years. Choose your T-shirt, from the simplest crewneck T-Shirt to the T-Shirt with front placket. 

This new PDF sewing pattern is now available in the store

  • Stéphanie Godefroy

2017 yearly survey 0

Once in a while, it is a good idea to stop, look around and try to guess how things are going. Can we improve, are we doing things the right way, are you satisfied with our sewing patterns and the way we work?

Of course the best persons to ask these questions are you.

We have some ideas, we try to guess what you like, what you don't like, what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong. But these are just guesses.

If you can help us, it is by answering this short yearly survey.

I really appreciate the time and your answers.

  • Stéphanie Godefroy

A new sewing pattern for babies 0

I have just translated Grand'Ourse, a sewing pattern for babies created with Camille, my intern for 2 months. It's a cardigan that you can customize in many ways. First, you can make it light, for fresh summer nights, or double it for winter. It comes in two versions : one with lining and one without (using a bias around).

Then, you can choose to add a hood if you'd like to make it even better for cold weather.

And finally, you can choose rabbit or bear ears : the rabbit ears are on the hood, the bear ears are on the front, just at the seam of sleeves.

What we took the time to create with Camille is a video detailing all the necessary steps to sew and stitch this new cardigan. My husband had to do the narration of the video, but he did an OK job. If you'd prefer to hear Camille, go to the french version on

Its a very versatile sewing pattern for babies, as you can see, and changing one little thing or another, you can express your creativity any way you like. It's perfect for baby girls and baby boys alike. A great sewing pattern for babies ages 6 months to 4 years.

  • Stéphanie Godefroy

Marieke - Working with Labo d'Isa 0

A new sewing pattern for girls created together by Isabelle from le labO* d'isa and Stéphanie from ikatee

« Our shared pleasure of creating for children has brought us together quite quickly. Bits by bits, the idea of collaborating on a garment together has becone evident. We wanted to gather our universes and our feelings on a garment that was like us.
We started with "Petite Paulette", a combi-short with ruffles that was sewed 3 years ago at labO* d’Isa in a pregnancy dress ;-)
We decided to reinvent it, reboot it as a sewing pattern for girls that would allow many possibilities, so that you, both as sewing addicts and heroes of your daughters, could reinvision your ideal version.
Long or short sleeves, ruffles in the back, in the front, on pockets or at the sleeves, as a pair of pants, shorts, or skirt, for winter as well as summer… Marieke (little Mary) was thus born.
We have put all your hearts into this sewing pattern and we hope that you'll like it as much as us.

Isabelle & Stéphanie »

Isabelle's blog

  • Stéphanie Godefroy