Irma for girls and Mums - New sewing patterns 0


It is time to introduce our new sewing patterns Irma, a vest, cardigan or light vest for girls and/or women.

Ikatee proposes different blouse or dress sewing patterns ; but we still had no cardigan pattern. It is now in our collection to complete the handmade wardrobe. 

A complete video tutorial is available on the website

Here is the product description:

Cardigan with rounded yoke and gathers
Flared with a simple hem or tucked with a band
Optional front and back ruffle, optional pockets
Complete or partial buttoning
Finishes with a facing
A timeless cardigan with nice details

Skill level : intermediate

What you will practice with this sewing pattern :

gathers, assemble a facing, assemble a ruffle 

 photo by #joliesbobines

  • Stéphanie Godefroy

Ida and Louise Mum are now available 0

You loved our Ida ans Louise patterns for girls!

We now propose you the same designs for their mothers!

ida ans Louise Mum are now available in PDF and very paper version


Ida and Louise are available a pattern duos as a special offer (2 patterns for girl and woman at a special price)


Louise in short sleeve version

Louise in a long sleeve version


See our new releases

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IDA and LOUISE, our new sewing patterns by ikatee x Petites Choses 0

Fanny discovered Ikatee at its beginning.

An immediate favorite for its modern  designs and its chic and comfortable fittings.

Stephanie, who likes neat details and romantic and modern clothes, could only adhere to the elegant universe and the talents of seamstress Fanny.

It was after a meeting at the Creation and Savoir Faire Show in Paris that the idea of ​​a collaboration was born. Both have imagined Ida and Louise, refined dresses and tops inspired by the Victorian era (but version 2.0): a small ruffled collar, structured cuts, comfortable to wear. The idea was also to propose evolutive patterns depending on the season (to be worn summer and winter) ... and evolving in difficulties of making. Thus multiple versions are possible; some, easy and accessible to all and more technical options.

For the 2 sewing patterns, ikatee also offers hyper-detailed instruction English booklets montage videos (only in French at the moment but English versionof the video will be available soon); we have also created a menu by chapter to visualize points that interest you directly. Louise's video is already available in free access on the site. Ida's will be online in a 10 days.
Fanny and Stephanie

Find the backstage of our collab on the blog and Fanny on his couture blog Des  Petites Choses

The IDA and LOUISE sewing patterns are available in English version from 3 to 12 years old.

Ida...modern and trendy


Find these on our eshop:
PDF sewing pattern
Paper sewing pattern
The  linen viscose fabric is available in several colours at the moment at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London where we have a stand TGQ23 (from today until Oct 14th). After (Oct 16th), it will be available on our French website (we ship worldwide)


Ida is also a structured T-shirt and hyper comfort ... A casual chic look!
Jersey micro-rayures is available in several colours on our French eshop (we ship worldwide!)


Version with kimono sleeves
in the fabric double gaze Stardust @Atelier Brunette available in several colours on our French eshop (we ship worldwide!)

and the dress versions in short or long sleeves...with or without collar.

Louise...sweet and romantic

A refined style in a blouse or dress, with or without collar, long sleeves or butterfly sleeves. It is made here in a beautiful double gauze © France Duval Stalla Navy and an embroidery fabric available in other colours on the eshop
Or on the English eshop 
in PDF
in paper version

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The Knitting & Stitching Show in London...coming soon 0


We are returning to London for the Autumn show which will take place from 11 to 14 October 2018

This time, we will share a stand with the talented France Duval Stalla ... A few days to present our French sewing patterns for babies and children, our fabrics, our creations and give lots of tips and tricks! London ... we are coming! See you there!

  • Stéphanie Godefroy

The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 8) 0

The release of the  @ikatee x @petites_choses__  is imminent...
We just have enough time to introduce Louise...
Ah Louise... of course, we find the little collar that is common to our theme: the Victorian era! (collar which, as for Ida, is not mandatory in our boss)
Apart from this collar, it consists of a slightly advanced yoke on the front, and right on the back; of on the front as on the back, and a back placket.
Then it is up to you to compose your Louise because several variations are possible. Focus, let's go.
* Louise is a blouse or a dress.
* it can also be sewn with or without collar.
A collar like Ida? Of course No! This one is "Double" with 2 ruffles at top and below the stand collar.
* And about sleeves?: 2 options. You can choose for the elegant long sleeve that ends with a small slightly tightened cuffs. Otherwise, more summer and relaxing: the short butterfly sleeve and gathered
* Finally, in long sleeves: you have a choice between:
- a back ruffle
- or small ruffles at shoulders: these are discreet and oriented inside...
- or you can also choose not to add ruffles at all!
We counted: 16 possible versions for Louise!! What to mix options to get different styles but also to wear Louise summer as winter!
The sewing level?
Louise is an evolutionary pattern.
- if you are a beginner, we advise you to start with short sleeves, dress or blouse but without the collar. It's simple and fast for a hot result! Then you can make the style again with more technical variations: first the long sleeve, then the ruffles, and finally collar
Just know that the step by step guidebook is obviously illustrated but above all, @ikatee prepared you a video of all stages!
The Louise sewing pattern will be available end of Sept.
  • Stéphanie Godefroy

The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 7) 0

Tomorrow you'll see second sewing pattern Louise... but in the meantime, here's a version of Ida I love in cotton / Linen.
Before I made the very first prototype, we took time with Fanny @petites_choses__ to detail the model as we wanted, each bringing his stone to the building and bouncing on the other's ideas: Length of sleeves, Shoulder Head, neck width,... everything happened!
In the end, I really love this style! Ida is refined, sweet and modern...
Few words to Women: you were a few to ask if ida would also exist for adults. For Now, it's not planned! But we heard you, and you never have to say
  • Stéphanie Godefroy