The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 7) 0

Tomorrow you'll see second sewing pattern Louise... but in the meantime, here's a version of Ida I love in cotton / Linen.
Before I made the very first prototype, we took time with Fanny @petites_choses__ to detail the model as we wanted, each bringing his stone to the building and bouncing on the other's ideas: Length of sleeves, Shoulder Head, neck width,... everything happened!
In the end, I really love this style! Ida is refined, sweet and modern...
Few words to Women: you were a few to ask if ida would also exist for adults. For Now, it's not planned! But we heard you, and you never have to say
  • Stéphanie Godefroy

The new colla ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 6) 0

Being cool for the BACK TO SCHOOL.... for the new Ida sewing patterna, we wanted a versatile pattern, in order to adapt the style and to get a contemporary one with a current detail (the ruffled yoke) associated with an ultra practical shape. The armhole has been redesigned for short sleeves in a Kimono Spirit (the long sleeves version is a classic set-in sleeve armhole); this allows to give ease and a graphic look that combines super well with the curves of the top and the large volume (wheel and puckers); it breaks the "Ultra Refined" side of the blouse and it allows different outfits, other uses.
Sewing Ida with short sleeves in jersey appeared as something obvious to me!
Ida is also a daily style, romantic and casual at the same time.
This is what I love with sewing; starting from a inspiration, then from the pattern and rethinking options, reinventing garments according to the material used and the finishes chosen...
Ida: coming soon
  • Cyril Godefroy

The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 5) 0


And tada, this is Ida, a little refined blouse for kids!

Honor to the version of Fanny @petites_choses__, sewn in a nice black and white striped cotton; she did the blouse / with long collar / Sleeves!

Ida sewing pattern Ida: release on September 7 in French, end of September for the English version

  • Cyril Godefroy

The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 4) 0

This is our first style, Ida. What's characteristic of Ida is her nice yoke on the front. Of course we find the typical small collar of the beginning of the twentieth (Col which is not necessary in our pattern). We wanted a structured design, flared on the bottom with a nice volume created by the ruffles on the front like on the back. At the top of the back: an opening as a drop design that we close with a button (or ribbon, you are the boss).
We also worked well on finishing. So many seams are invisible
Options: it can be sewn into several versions:
Blouse or dress • with collar or without collar • with long sleeves or with Kimono Short Sleeves.
No less than 8 possible versions for sweet Ida! And good luck to choose because we find the 8 super cute!
What Fabric?
Again, many options! All depends on the style we wish: Checks (Tartan, Vichy..) / Stripes - Double Gauze / English Embroidery / Plumetis / Chambray / Viscose or even jersey (yes you read well, the sewing pattern works super well in Jersey (without collar), which gives it a more casual but always elegant style ...
Technical points? The assembly of the yoke on the front, the technique of the enclosed seams to hide the sewing edges, and if you do the version with the stand collar: the ruffle of the collar.
Don't worry, all steps are clearly explained and illustrated in the step by step and later in a video that will resume the entire assembly!
The Ida sewing pattern will be available soon in French version . Release by end of September in English
  • Stéphanie Godefroy
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The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 3) 0

The idea of this collab: a blouse but also ia dress, perfect for the fall / fall inspired by the Victorian era (but in version 2.0): A small ruffled collar, a structured and careful design and fit, comfortable to wear, sweet and romantic !
With Fanny, we thought it would be best to have a versatile sewing pattern :
* on the one hand depending on the season so that the garment can be sewn in summer as well as in winter.
* and evolving on difficulty with easy and accessible versions of all and more advanced versions with details and specific techniques.
Don't worry: there is something new at @ikatee to help you and make the most technical points turned to easy ! We will come back on this later ;)
The very nice surprise is that by considering the Fanny's original drawings, I decided to prepare not one, but two sewing patterns!
We redesigned together two styles starting from the first inspirations and sketches.
The goal was clear: to bring up to date the Victorian blouse, to adapt the proportions to combine style and comfort, to think of finishes, to make first prototypes and amendments, then to choose the sewing methods...
So Louise & Ida were born !
On the post picture, a moment we love: to choose fabrics and colors for our sewing projects.
And soon, we will introduce Ida drawings and pictures
Ida & Louise sewing patterns: scheduled for release on September 7th
  • Stéphanie Godefroy

A new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 2) 0


On Friday, I announced the release coming soon (early September) of my collaboration with Fanny @petites_choses__!
Few months ago, I proposed Fanny to design a sewing pattern together and she said yes!
The specification was clear : a girl's clothing (3-12 years), rather a blouse, with a little more technical points than usual. Which left a lot of options.
Fanny has been thinking about her side for a few weeks, and came back to me with an idea, some drawings and this type of inspiration (in photo)... the Victorian era and her sweet, romantic, elegant blouses and dresses... 3 features that are important to her and that, more or less consciously, she wanted to get in our sewing pattern design. Fanny especially likes the small and chic collars of that time.... we didn't know how to make it possible and especially aesthetic on a child, but super motivated, we got to work!
  • Stéphanie Godefroy

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