10 easy sewing patterns for beginners

To help you choose your first garment sewing pattern... or because you're in a hurry and don't have much time to sew, here's a selection of our 10 simplest patterns. These patterns are accessible to beginners in sewing, provided you start with the basic versions. The more elaborate versions will then accompany you throughout your sewing evolution, to make your pattern last even longer. Since the same garment comes in different size ranges, we've grouped them by type (pants / vests / T-shirts...)


How we chose our 10 easy sewing patterns

Even if the idea of a pattern's ease of use or the appellation sewing beginner can be subjective, we've tried to give ourselves criteria linked to the technicality of the patterns: few parts, straight seams, simple finishes or quick assembly, for example. On the other hand, sewing stretchy materials such as jersey shouldn't scare you: with the right needle and by following our many tips, you'll be able to master this material with ease, even on a conventional sewing machine.

If you're not yet completely comfortable using a sewing pattern, we've put together some tutorial videos to help you through all the sewing steps:

Vest patterns for beginners : Vega, Vic, Vic Mum

A wardrobe essential, this vest is available as Vega for babies, Vic for children and Vic Mum for women. It has a straight cut, with 2 length and neckline options (bias or facing). It can be made in a wide range of fabrics (quilted, sweatshirt, honeycomb, jersey...) for a variety of looks.

Watch the video of the vest pattern

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Make a button placket directly on the body or assemble a facing
  • Bias neckline and cuffs for bias option
  • Sew optional pockets

When you're more comfortable with sewing, we'll show you how to make a lined version of the Vega, Vic and Vic Mum cardigans.

The must-have Grand'Ourse pattern

No need to introduce this sewing pattern for coats, vests, bathrobes and robes, which has become a worldwide bestseller. The pattern is available in baby and children's sizes, and can be made in a multitude of knitted, woven, coated or sueded fabrics.  The lined version can be scary, but we assure you it's no more complicated (or even simpler) than laying a bias binding! Follow our step-by-step tutorial and video, and you'll have a perfectly finished garment you can be proud of.

Watch the video of the Grand'Ourse vest pattern

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Doubling a garment (depending on version)
  • Girdle with bias (depending on version)

To go faster: we propose an express sewing tutorial for a lined suedette Grand'ourse, without overcasting or buttonholes!

Easy pyjama patterns Cordoba and Sacha

These baby and children's patterns consist of a top and a bottom, the look of which will vary according to the fabrics chosen. Extremely quick to make, thanks to sleeves designed to follow the body, they are available in long or short versions. The most technical part of the pattern is the ribbing. But let the video be your guide, and all should go well! If, however, you're really dreading this step, you can opt for hems. These patterns are ideal for sewing stretchy materials such as jersey.

Watch the video of the Cordoba and Sacha pyjama pattern

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Sewing jersey
  • Laying ribbing
  • Elastic under waistband

✔️ To go further: read our article on how to sew jersey without a serger

Seattle and Lima legging patterns for beginners

At ikatee, leggings are available for women and children in the Seattle pattern, and for babies in the Lima pattern from the ikatee wardrobe book. These patterns feature very few pieces of fabric and are therefore very quick to sew.  You'll need knits to make them (jersey, French Terry, ribbing, etc.). The cuts are more or less form-fitting depending on the versions you choose, and only stretch fabrics can guarantee the comfort and suppleness of movement you're looking for. These are true wardrobe basics that will quickly become your must-haves!

Watch the video for Seattle or the video for Lima

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Fitting elastic waistbands or bands with elastic inserts
  • Mounting anklets
  • Double-needle hems.

✔️ To go further:

Use our practical sheets for each pattern to note down everything you need for your project.

Sintra, Jasmin and Jasmin mum: sweatshirt patterns for beginners

These sweatshirt patterns don't require any special techniques. Of course, they're even quicker to make with a serger, but you don't really need one. Jersey needles and a stretch stitch are all you need for your machine. Fabrics: sweatshirt fleece, fleece, terry, jersey or quilted, with ribbing for sleeves and body. This pattern is available for child and woman with Jasmin, and for baby with Sintra.

Watch the video of the sweatshirt pattern

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Adding some ribbing at neckline, cuffs and lower body.
  • How to put ruffle on the armholes.

Easy pants patterns for Dakar, Jim and New York

These pants are unisex and can be assembled in the same way. Practical for beginners! With the exception of pocket assembly, no special technique is required.  If you prefer, you can opt for a visible elastic band, which will look great. The video tutorial also shows you how to make pockets that hold their shape. Finally, whether you opt for simple hems, elasticated hems or ribbed hems, choose the finish best suited to your project! What's more, depending on the fabric you choose, you'll get very different looks, summer or winter. 

✔️ Watch the video for the Dakar pants pattern

✔️ What you will learn with this pattern:
  • Mounting pockets
  • Fitting an elasticated belt

The Lobelia T-shirt sewing pattern for beginners

Contrary to appearances, Lobelia is a simple tee-shirt to assemble, requiring only a little rigor. Don't panic, the video tutorial is here to guide you. In terms of fabric, we're opting for materials with elastane. This pattern can be adapted to suit your needs, with two collar options and two different sleeve lengths. It's available as a duo or separately for mum and child.

Watch the Lobelia T-shirt tutorial

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Making gathers
  • Assemble gigot sleeves
  • Assembling a knit collar

✔️ To go further:

watch our video tutorial on how to make gathers.

Pattern Marguerite: the easy-peasy spinning skirt

This children's skirt sewing pattern has it all. It's ultra-simple to make, and can be adapted to any season by changing the fabric. In terms of fabric, you'll need to opt for warp and weft with poplin, fine velvets, jacquards or even seersucker (the fabric has to be light for the skirt to turn!). With or without straps, it plays with codes and styles.

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Mounting an elasticated belt
  • Sew straps
  • Sew patch pockets

Milano, the apron dress pattern for beginners

Don't believe us when we tell you this dress pattern is easy? Milano is the perfect sewing pattern: a chic little apron dress that's easy to sew! This pattern is available for babies and children. Fabrics: warp and weft (double gauze, velvet, cotton, denim...), but also knit or sweatshirt for a more wintery version.

  • Making an elastic belt
  • Doubling a bib
  • Making straps with or without ruffles
  • Sew patch pockets. 

✔️ To go further: watch our video tutorial on how to make gathers.

Lisboa and Gaby, suit patterns for beginners

Lisboa and Gaby are combinations you'll want to make over and over again! Few pieces to cut, super-clear explanations and very, very cute results. Both are accessible to beginners. Of course, you'll need longer seams in the larger sizes, so why not start with a baby gift to tame this pattern? It's mainly made in knit for a very comfortable look, but we give you all our tips for sewing it in warp and weft in the tutorial video if you prefer. The result will then look even more chic. Don't let the fancy pockets scare you! They're optional, and if you take your time with the curves, we're betting you'll be just fine.

Watch the Lisboa video tutorial 

What you'll learn with this pattern:

  • Sew button placket
  • Apply ribbing at neckline, cuffs and ankles

✔️ To go further:

in our video tutorial, discover how to sew a warp and weft jumpsuit.