Info and FAQ

1- How do I download and print an ikatee PDF pattern?

Here are the instructions:

You can already find everything on our Download and print your patterns tutorial video.

When you purchase a PDF pattern from ikatee, you will receive a download link to the following files

  • the tutorial with assembly instructions,
  • an A4 file for each size to print at home
  • an A4 multi-size file, to print at home
  • an A0 multi-size file, which you can have printed by a printer; below we provide you with the contact details of two partner printers.

Once you have downloaded and saved each file to your computer, it is time to print. Start printing (if you choose the print at home option) on A4 or US letter size paper.

For more information, see our VIDEO Tutorial Download and print your patterns.

If you have trouble downloading the files, try changing your browser (Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox, for example)


The patterns are now available in A0 format in multi-size versions only.

Print in A0, our recommendations

In order to make the printing process easier and to avoid gluing A4 sheets together...ikatee proposes on its patterns the pdf format in A0. These are very large sheets with all the pieces printed for all sizes at the same time. We avoid overlapping the pieces in this case to allow you to cut directly if you the same time, it's always a shame to cut a pattern sheet because you often want to make another size later. In short, we have tested two printing sites for A0 sizes for you

The 2 sites are very easy to use; you upload your files and you pay with a courier or express delivery, the boards arrive folded in an envelope (we did it with chronopost express and we had it the next day...but in general, it will take 3 days maximum). The quality of the paper is great and the printing quality is not a problem.

The price...count from 1,20 to 2,40 € in black and white and 2,40 to 4 € HT in colour per page (dimension 841 x 1189 that is to say 1m2 approximately) excluding delivery costs.

We highly recommend either of these sites!

2- How to buy?

1. Select products by adding them to your basket

2. Validate your basket and create a customer account if you don't already have one to find your pre-filled details the next time.

3. Pay by credit card or bank transfer (payment by cheque is available, but you will receive your patterns after reception). Paypal is no longer available due to high bank charges.

4. Receive your order (download patterns & tutorials in PDF or delivery of fabrics)

We accept credit cards, bank transfers and cheques as payment methods. For bank transfers, you can send us an email with a transfer receipt from your bank, which will allow us to validate your payment without waiting for confirmation of receipt by our bank.

For the delivery of digital products, we will indicate the download link after the payment, and we will also send you a separate email. If you have any problems, please contact us at

Ikatee has decided to stop limiting the time for downloading purchased PDF patterns in order to simplify your life (before we limited the delay to 2 weeks). For those who have lost the links after a computer bug for example, just ask for the links again by putting your email address (the one you used when you purchased) at
Please note that you will receive ALL your download emails again.

The limitation of the number of downloads to 5 remains valid.

PS: I thank you for not sharing the ikatee patterns which are reserved for family and personal use. Support the work of independent designers!

3- Can ikatee patterns be used for commercial purposes?

No. Ikatee is a registered trademark. The ©ikatee patterns are limited to private use. Their use for commercial or private purposes is prohibited. Their reproduction, sale or exchange, in whole or in part, is prohibited. No commercial use is granted and there is no specific licence or agreement from the ikatee brand and its legal representative.

It is not allowed to sell garments made from ikatee patterns, even in small series.