Our story

Creating with style becomes kid's play

For 20 years, I've lived a passion for fashion, especially kid's fashion.

Everything started after college, when I bought my first sewing machine. Curious and adventurous, I learned bit by bit the art and craft of sewing.

I travelled a lot, enriching myself with the culture of different countries.

I started to work in 1995 as product manager for a fashion company. A Collection's Vice President since 2005, I just finished my 40th collection in 40 seasons, approximately 20 000 new outfits in 20 years.

After bringing my know-how to french fashion brands, I decided in 2016 to become a self-entrepreneur for a project that looks like me, follows a growing trend and enhances creativity and do-it-yourself.

IKATEE is born out of my wish to outgrow a product offer that is often too standard, and to share the couture experience and the pleasure of creating yourself clothes and accessories for kids and babies. Products you can make a little bit more exclusive and unique by bringing your own creativity.

I create for you collections of children sewing patterns with their detailed guidebooks so that you can reveal your crafting talent, but not only!

IKATEE also provides nice trend boards to inspire you, modern looks, tips, many ideas and regular new products.

Stéphanie Godefroy
Mother of 3 and Ikatee founder.