How to use our sewing patterns

Ikatee provides sewing patterns for kids and babies from 0 to 8 years, instantly downloadable. These digital PDF sewing patterns are easy to print and use and come with instructions for each step of the creative process.

Ikatee collections

Ikatee provides simple or more elaborate clothes that you can make yourself at home, from birth to 8 years, for girls and boys. Styles are classi or more fashionable, and our creations provide a wide choice that you can adapt and customize yourself at home with your own creative ideas.

The PDF digital patterns

Our e-patterns are downloadable right after you order, and contain all sizes for each model. Download only the size you need or all sizes, and print! A4 or US/Letter, everything has been prepared so that your sewing pattern is immediately usable. As it's a PDF file, you can do it in several sizes, or print it again easily when you need.

Example of a sewing pattern of 12 pages
Example of a sewing pattern of 12 pages


All our sewing patterns are field-tested! We used them to cut and make clothes, step by step, and we provide for each model a detailed tutorial with pictures for each step to make it easy for you to sew. You'll also find tips and advice, cutting blueprints.

Extract from tutorial for Barcelona
Extract from Barcelona tutorial

Sewing is easy and fun

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Sewing patterns in l'air du temps

Depending on the season and the current fashion, we create new sewing patterns and add them in each collection. If you subscribe we'll provide weekly updates with our new products.

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