We're coming to London


Looking for more adventures and eager to show all our children sewing patterns, I've taken my husband by the hand and registered for a booth at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show in Olympia Hall.

The show is from 1st of march until sunday 4th.
We will will be in Booth D88.

We're coming with all our paper sewing patterns. That means the 12 that have already been published, but many more that we are now putting in packages as I speak. And we'll also be there wih finished products (not for sale!) to show you, give advice, provide solutions and have fun enjoying stitching.

Yes, if you live in Australia, United States or Japan, you will have to take a plane to come meet us… But it's worth it ;-) Seriously, we're taking baby steps to be closer to our english-speaking customers. But you know how big a first step is for a baby.

We received 7 complimentary tickets that we're happy to offer to all residents of Ye Olde England. these tickets are valid for thursday, friday and sunday, but not saturday :-( .

To participate, please go to this facebook post before Friday evening, we will reach out to the winners and send them by postal mail.

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy