5 PDF sewing patterns for babies 👶

5 PDF sewing patterns for babies 👶

Only For Babies ✨

To help you create birth kits or make gifts, here is a selection of new patterns now available in PDF format:

  • Cassiopée sleeping bag
  • Saturne pajama
  • The Tokyo-Lima tee-shirt/legging set
  • The essential Petite Ourse (Ursa Minor) cuddly toy with Voie Lactée (Milky Way) garland
  • Canberra jumpsuit

These patterns are taken from our two books you may already know: “Nighty Night” and “At Home”. In the ikatee’s wardrobes collection, you'll find essential patterns for baby's dressing room.


✂️ Difficulty level: intermediate
🧸 Size range: from 1 to 24 months
🎬 Video tutorial available


Introducing Cassiopeia, a stunningly crafted baby sleeping bag pattern, meticulously lined for premium comfort. This versatile pattern presents two opening options: a sleek zipper or convenient side snaps. With its stylish front cut-out, you have the creative freedom to experiment with patterns and fabrics, while mastering the art of sewing a discreet hidden pocket, ideal for keeping your little one's favorite comforter close at hand! Plus, don't miss the adorable option to add two charming little ears to the front for an extra touch of whimsy!

Cassiopée sleeping bags by @tallulah_couture and @leeloololi.

sleeping bag pattern

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✂️ Difficulty level: intermediate
🧸 Size range: from 1 to 24 months
🎬 Video tutorial available

Sleep-Well pajama pattern

Introducing Saturn, ikatee's fresh twist on the timeless sleep-well pajama: featuring a cozy silhouette, a convenient back opening, beautiful finishing details, and an irresistibly adorable ear embellishment that perfectly complements the sleeping bag.

Mini Saturne by @sew_on_the_moon.

Saturne for grown-ups by @cecile_chou and the small ones by @june_couture_amelie exclusive jersey by ikatee Bunnies.

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The Tokyo-Lima Set

✂️ Level of difficulty: easy
🧸 Size range: 6 months to 4 years
🎬 Tokyo: Video tutorial available
🎬 Lima: Video tutorial available

The Tokyo-Lima set, is undoubtedly a must-have addition to your pattern collection, designed to accompany your little one from birth to their 4th birthday. The Lima leggings are a breeze to sew, making them an ideal introduction to knitwear sewing. With their quick and easy construction, they're perfect for beginners. On the other hand, the Tokyo tee-shirt boasts a relaxed fit, ensuring your child stays comfortable during playtime. Plus, the shoulder opening also makes it easy for children to get dressed.

Total look with Lima leggings and Tokyo t-shirt by @mom.and.her.son (left)
and @cam.et.leo (right).

Lovely set by @monpetitcoudbiscuite.

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Petite Ourse & Voie Lactée

✂️ Difficulty level: easy
🎬 Petite Ourse Video tutorial available
🎬 Voie Lactée Video tutorial available

We're crazy about this cuddly toy! And the great thing about sewing it yourself is that if you lose a comforter, you'll know who to turn to for a replacement. And what better way to unify baby's world than with a matching garland, while also putting your fabric scraps to good use.

Petite Ourse Duo

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✂️ Difficulty level: intermediate
🧸 Size range: 6 months to 4 years
🎬 Video tutorial available

The Canberra jumpsuit exudes confidence with its charming crossover neckline. Choose between short or long sleeves, and short or long legs to suit your preference. Additionally, there's an option for a crotch opening for added convenience!

Canberra summer version in ribbed jersey and more autumnal version in quilted.

Baby jumpsuit pattern

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The Books

Baby patterns books

Are you loving all these patterns? Intrigued by the idea of pairing the Petite Ourse cuddly toy with the sleeping bag? Then why not go for the books! We'll leave the decision-making up to you, but here's the breakdown: PDF patterns are €10 each, PDF books are €18, and paper books are €25.

This way, you'll also gain access to an extensive theoretical and technical section at the beginning of the books, covering everything from selecting fabrics to mastering basic embroidery stitches, and even determining the perfect size for your project.

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