We survived #thebeastfromtheeast and it was a blast!


Last week, we were in London for the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show. It seems like a long time ago already. Actually, it was more like the Spring Kitting and Stitching Snow. Even in the Alps, we didn't see so much snow, and we expected Scrooge's Ghost from the winters past to visit us every night.

It was a blast!

We really enjoyed this show and we'd like to thank all visitors who fought the wind and the snow to come to Olympia London and visited our booth.

In case you didn't see it or couldn't make it, it looked like this :

Cute, no?

"Cute" was one of the two words we heard during the show, with "gorgeous". Thanks for all these kind words. We really appreciated all your comments and the time you took to discover the paper children sewing patterns we brought with us.

New resellers

Talking about paper sewing patterns, the show was also the occasion to meet haberdashery shops. We're happy to announce that some of our sewing patterns will be available at Guthrie & Ghani, Higgs & Higgs and Sewalicious. It is one way to fight the costs of delivering paper sewing patterns to UK. More shops will probably be coming in the next months, and you can find them on our reseller page.

It is no surprise that the two that were present at the show (Guthrie & Ghani and H&H ) were offering the kind of fabrics we usually offer on our french web site, like double gauze, triple gauze, striped jersey or Atelier Brunette fabrics.

Other pattern designers

Coming from France, it was nice to discover pattern designers, some we'd never heard about, some we were already in touch with, but had never met.

First of all, a great great thanks to Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons. We were in touch before, through Instagram, and she's the one who told us about this show and "invited" us to come. My husband jumped with 2 feet at the occasion and subscribed before I was able to say no. 


She was great enough to share a picture of our stand on her Instagram story for that event. We really appreciate and send back buckets of gratitude. 

I also visited stands from the Maker's Atelier, the Avid Seamstress and Sew La Di Da Vintage and even bought a few sewing patterns. I even bought some fabrics, to make sure I'd be really forced to take the time to sew them.

Their welcome was great, and we'll make sure to return it if you come to a show in France where we can meet. 

Our neighbours were great too, especially Erica from Debonnaire, with whom we had plenty of time to discuss, especially on Thursday and Friday…


Yes, we survived the Knitting and Stitching Snow, and we're ready to come back. Thanks all!

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy