New ikatee viscoses: Pétra and Babylone

New ikatee viscoses: Pétra and Babylone

We are pround to introduce our new collection of exclusive fabrics, basking in the summer glow with their delightful hues! Crafted from 2 premium viscoses, in limited edition, certified Oeko-tex, and printed in France, this collection boasts fabrics that are both matte and opaque, with a medium weight ensuring effortless sewing without any fabric slippage under your presser foot. Don't forget to sew with a microtex needle to preserve the fabric's pristine quality, a tested and approved standard that never fails to impress!

Babylone Viscose

Matchy-matchy: Singapour women's pants, paperbag option and tie belt, and Dakar children's pants

You might be enchanted by the exclusive Babylone design, a unique creation where delicate flowers bloom against a champagne background. These soft and subtle colors lend a timeless elegance to this motif, reminiscent of the enchanting atmosphere of the Hanging Gardens. Each flower, with its tangy hues, appears bathed in soft light 🌼

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Pétra Viscose

Zanzibar tank top in Petra viscose with pretty twilight buttons
Alex mum for spring: dress version, short sleeves, mahogany-colored buttons

Are you ready to be captivated by Petra, the second design of our exclusive collection? This intricate print, with its soft tones, takes you to the serene moment of sunrise over the ancient temple of Petra. What truly sets this design apart are the striking contrasts that infuse it with a radiant charm, promising to add a luminous touch to any project. 🌅

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Our Pattern Selection

SINGAPOUR pants and shorts pattern
From 32 to 52
ZANZIBAR top and dress pattern
From 3 to 12 years and from 32 to 52
ALEX MUM blouse and dress pattern
From 3 to 12 years and from 36 to 46
DAKAR pants and short pattern
From 3 to 12 years

Viscose lends itself beautifully to relaxed and casual silhouettes. Opt for garments with effortless cuts that gracefully showcase the intricate prints.

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