TORONTO sewing pattern - Video tutorial

Feel free to click the icon at the bottom right to view the video in full screen, and press the Esc or Esc key to exit the full screen.

Note : the assembly steps are identical for the women's and the kids' pattern, just knowing that the seam allowances for the women's pattern are 1cm and 0.7cm for the kids' pattern.


You have direct access to chapters inside the video's timeline:

A. The pattern, the options
B. Fabrics and supplies
C. All versions

A. Cut the pieces
B. Overcast and interface
C. Pockets on the fronts
D. Assemble the back by the middle seam
E. Assemble the fronts (version 1)
F. Prepare the facing (version 1)
G. Assemble the sides then the facing (version 1)
H. Facing under-stitching (version 1)
I. Finishes (version 1)
J. The left strap (version 2)
K. Assemble the sides (version 2)
L. Prepare and assemble the facing (version 2)
M. The front placket (version 2)
N. Finishes (version 2)