How to understitch?

In this new tutorial, I show you how to understitch easily.

What is an understitching?

An understitching is a finishing stitch that joins the seam allowances to a wrong side piece of fabric. It is invisible on the right side, which is why it is found on strategic pieces such as facings, linings and even pocket linings.

The understitching has several advantages:

  • It holds the pieces of linings and facings on the wrong side of the garment;
  • It gives more hold to the seam, for example at the entry of a pocket;
  • It supports seams made in the bias, thus preventing them from distorting over time and washings.

    How to understitch?

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     After sewing the assembly seam, iron the seam allowances on both sides of this seam, then fold the two margins on the side of the facing or lining.

    It only remains to sew a new stitching about 2mm from the assembly seam, with the margins and the facing / lining together.

    A little tip is to use a tone on tone thread with the facing piece for a really discreet finishing stitch.

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