Become an ikatee retailer

ikatee patterns are available from haberdashers, and we like that! Haberdasheries, workshops and sewing courses are still one of the best ways to learn, develop and share your sewing experience.

If you're an individual, you'll find a list of retailers of our sewing patterns on the Resellers page.

Would you like to become a retailer?

If you would like to become an Ikatee pattern retailer, you must meet the following conditions:
- Have a physical shop or an online shop excluding platforms and marketplaces (Etsy, Amazon etc...)
- Have a valid VAT number or business identification number
- Accept our general terms and conditions of sale

Order conditions

  • The minimum purchase amount is 150 euros including VAT.
  • Payment on order.
  • Postage and packing to be paid by the buyer.

If you meet all our conditions, please contact Amélie ( or fill in the form available here. Don't forget to give us the name of your shop/company, the name of your contact person, your billing and delivery addresses, your mobile phone number and a description of your business.

Pricing information for our products is only communicated on to potential resellers who meet our conditions.


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Intellectual property rights

The use of ikatee patterns during sewing workshops organised by resellers is only authorised on condition that the pocket pattern is sold for the sewing workshop; the sale can be made by the reseller shop or on the ikatee website (in pocket or PDF format...proof of purchase must then be checked by the workshop organiser). Any use of a PDF that has not been purchased or even of a pattern size that has not been sold is strictly forbidden. All paper patterns are available for distribution, with the exception of mother-daughter duets, which must be ordered separately and offered as a duo if you wish, with or without a commercial offer. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the organisation or the means to offer the resale of our exclusive fabrics.

Resources for retailers

Image banks

Price list for delivery costs

General terms and conditions of sale