The not-so-basic jacket 😉

The not-so-basic jacket 😉

The essential cardigan

The basic straight cardigan is an essential item in the wardrobe of the whole family. Ikatee has therefore created this sewing pattern in all size ranges: Vega, from 1 month to 4 years, Vic, from 3 years to 12, and Vic Mum from 34 to 46. This cardigan can be worn on top of many types of outfits (dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, jeans, skirts, rompers...) whatever the season. Depending on the fabric you choose, you will get very sportswear or ultra-chic looks.

Several options are available for this model. You can play with the length (mid-hip or mid-buttocks), but also with the neckline finish (bias binding or facing with a contrasting fabric) and the bottom of the jacket (hem or added band).

These patterns are suitable for beginners, especially as there is a step-by-step tutorial video available.

Patchwork inspirations

Hacked version of Vic with patchwork Cezon

Details for the Vic hack: for Vic (which will work just as well on Vega or Vic mum), you just have to redraw the sleeve very simply: two perpendiculars from the bottom of the sleeve are drawn departing from the ends of the sleeve head. Thus the sleeve is widened by several centimeters at the cuff. You will then insert an elastic in the hem to tighten the bottom of the sleeve. And as an option, you can round off above and below the button placket to be able to put the bias in one go.

Quilted inspirations

Vic with quilted double gauze Hope/Janet by

Quilted Vega by @seams_like_jam and @julie_keyser_

Vega, Vic, and Vic Mum are perfect patterns to sew quilted jackets. If you can't find the quilted fabric of your dreams, you can make it yourself. Camille explains all the steps of this new technique in a tutorial video that we really invite you to watch! You'll learn a lot of tips and tricks, and we hope it will encourage you to try this technique.

Fleece inspirations

Fleece version of Vic Mum with bias binding at the neckline and a band at the bottom


Vic with an exclusif French Terry Cocktail by Ikatee® and Vega with diamonds quilted sweat

Waffle fabric inspirations

Vic with waffle fabrics by @un_1er_mai, @phibertine, and @monpetitcoudbiscuite

Sewing tips

Vega, Vic, and Vic Mum are patterns for beginners. You can sew them in a wide variety of materials, both knit and woven: sweatshirt, French Terry, thick jersey, fleece, quilted fabrics, denim, jacquard, waffled fabrics, and down fabric.

Don't forget to buy a matching sewing thread, bias binding for the neckline, interfacing for the button placket, buttons or snaps for the closure, and two small labels: one for the size, and the other to add a sweet word. You can add a pretty iron-on patch to personalize your project to the end!

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