The new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 8)


The release of the  @ikatee x @petites_choses__  is imminent...
We just have enough time to introduce Louise...
Ah Louise... of course, we find the little collar that is common to our theme: the Victorian era! (collar which, as for Ida, is not mandatory in our boss)
Apart from this collar, it consists of a slightly advanced yoke on the front, and right on the back; of on the front as on the back, and a back placket.
Then it is up to you to compose your Louise because several variations are possible. Focus, let's go.
* Louise is a blouse or a dress.
* it can also be sewn with or without collar.
A collar like Ida? Of course No! This one is "Double" with 2 ruffles at top and below the stand collar.
* And about sleeves?: 2 options. You can choose for the elegant long sleeve that ends with a small slightly tightened cuffs. Otherwise, more summer and relaxing: the short butterfly sleeve and gathered
* Finally, in long sleeves: you have a choice between:
- a back ruffle
- or small ruffles at shoulders: these are discreet and oriented inside...
- or you can also choose not to add ruffles at all!
We counted: 16 possible versions for Louise!! What to mix options to get different styles but also to wear Louise summer as winter!
The sewing level?
Louise is an evolutionary pattern.
- if you are a beginner, we advise you to start with short sleeves, dress or blouse but without the collar. It's simple and fast for a hot result! Then you can make the style again with more technical variations: first the long sleeve, then the ruffles, and finally collar
Just know that the step by step guidebook is obviously illustrated but above all, @ikatee prepared you a video of all stages!
The Louise sewing pattern will be available end of Sept.

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy