The new colla ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 6)


Being cool for the BACK TO SCHOOL.... for the new Ida sewing patterna, we wanted a versatile pattern, in order to adapt the style and to get a contemporary one with a current detail (the ruffled yoke) associated with an ultra practical shape. The armhole has been redesigned for short sleeves in a Kimono Spirit (the long sleeves version is a classic set-in sleeve armhole); this allows to give ease and a graphic look that combines super well with the curves of the top and the large volume (wheel and puckers); it breaks the "Ultra Refined" side of the blouse and it allows different outfits, other uses.
Sewing Ida with short sleeves in jersey appeared as something obvious to me!
Ida is also a daily style, romantic and casual at the same time.
This is what I love with sewing; starting from a inspiration, then from the pattern and rethinking options, reinventing garments according to the material used and the finishes chosen...
Ida: coming soon

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy