Malmö & Malaga baby swimsuit version

Malmö & Malaga baby swimsuit version

The sewing patterns of Malmö and Malaga bodysuits can be used to sew a baby swimsuit. There are no modifications to make on the pattern, only the assembly is different and we will detail here the specific steps and techniques. We can even create a sun protective t-shirt by making a very simple modification of the pattern.

If you have never sewn a swimsuit, we invite you to watch the video of the Paulette pattern, more particularly
This will allow you to understand the basic techniques for sewing a swimsuit and to see the different supplies to provide.


You can then watch the assembly video of Malmö and Malaga, last chapter, where we show you a Malaga cami bodysuit version.

We have prepared for you a very simple PDF file for four possible options which covers all the assembly steps.
Malmö lapped shoulders
Malmö turtleneck
Malaga cami
Malaga tank top

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  • Camille Laurent