How to sew a swimsuit?

How to sew a swimsuit?

Summer is finally here, you love our lycra fabric and the idea to have matching outfits for your tribe by the swimming pool tickles you... but you don't dare to try and sew a swimsuit? Don't panic! Here are our tips to guide you step by step. You will see that it is not that hard to sew your own swimsuit... and that you can easily do it with a simple sewing machine if you have the right equipment.

First, here is a presentation video of all the necessary equipment and the sewing techniques. We advise you to watch it closely. It will be very helpful to start confidently this new project.

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Necessary accessories

After several tests, we selected for you the very best haberdashery to make a swimsuit. You can find all of this equipment in our online shop to be ready with a click. 

The Lining
For a perfect finishing touch. It dries quickly and coordinates with every fabric. 

The Rubber Elastic
The mandatory elastic that resists to salt and chlorine.
The Bulked Thread
A very soft thread against the skin, to use in the canister of your sewing machine or in the loopers of your serger for more elasticity.
The Microtex Needles
Perfects to avoid making holes in the fabric but sharp enough to sew correctly the elastic and the fabric.


The sewing patterns

If we have obviously some dedicated swimsuit patterns for children, you can hack other ones to create UV protective garments. You can have a look at the t-shirts Lobelia and Marcel, the legging Seattle; the Lisboa jumpsuit, or for babies the Bilbao Bloomer and Malmö and Malaga bodysuits. By the way, you can have a look at the specific tutorial to transform a body into a t-shirt protective against UVs. All of these patterns have a video. We were not lying when we said that we have thought of everything to accompany you!

The Lycra fabric

Our swimsuit fabrics are certified Oekotex and have a sun protection factor of 50. They are super stretch, mat, soft, very flexible, and expandable. They will be perfect for a swimsuit, leggings, gym, skating, or dancing leotards but also garments protective against UVs for small and big kids. They are easy to sew, and do not run away from the sewing machine's foot. It's the same quality as always at Ikatee, tested and proven! All that is left is to choose between the 13 exclusive prints ©ikatee.

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