Fitting a liner to VEGA or VIC vests

Fitting a liner to VEGA or VIC vests
The basic VEGA/VIC pattern does not detail how to add lining to the vest. In the video, you'll see how to make this vest out of 2 fabrics quilted together, but not how to make a lining as shown in the photo.

Here's how to make the lining:
  1. cut the front, back and sleeve pieces equally in the lining fabric (no need for the bottom band in the lining fabric, only in the main fabric)
  2. cut 2 cm off the entire height of the left and right front pieces, outer fabric and lining fabric: we're actually removing the value of the button placket flap, as we no longer need it
  3. interfacing 2 cm wide on the wrong side over the entire height of the front pieces, outer fabric OR lining fabric; no need to interfacer fabric and lining: along the opening because you'll have buttons and buttonholes and this part needs to be reinforced...interfacing should be 0.7cm from the edge to avoid interfacing the seam value.
  4. assemble the body and sleeves in fabric (as explained in the tutorial), then do the same with the lining - assemble a lined vest
  5. assemble the vest and lining as for the big bear vest (see lining with or without hood video to understand how to assemble the sleeves)...EXCEPT that you won't be stitching the lower body selvages together.
  6. turn the fabric and lining inside out; the fabric and lining are held together at the neckline and front opening, and at the bottom of the sleeves...but not at the side seams, nor at the other sleeve seams, nor at the bottom of the body.
  7. bottom band in outer fabric: iron in 7mm on one of the lengths (as in the tutorial, stick small rectangles of thermo-glued fabric on the wrong side where the buttons/buttonholes will be).
  8. Align right sides together on the selvedge (length without tuck) along the bottom of the vest, pin along the length, and stitch in straight stitch.
  9. Fold strip N°4 in half lengthwise right/left. Align the selvedges of the ends and stitch the ends up to 0.7cm from the edge (flush with the front opening). Trim and turn right side out.
  10. fold the strip in 2, this time wrong sides together, so that it straddles the bottom of the vest (one half is visible on the outer fabric, the other half will be aligned with the bottom of the lining). All you have to do is leave the previously ironed in selvedge and close the strip on the inside of the vest, using hand or machine stitches.

Happy sewing!

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy