A new sewing pattern for babies

A new sewing pattern for babies

I have just translated Grand'Ourse, a sewing pattern for babies created with Camille, my intern for 2 months. It's a cardigan that you can customize in many ways. First, you can make it light, for fresh summer nights, or double it for winter. It comes in two versions : one with lining and one without (using a bias around).

Then, you can choose to add a hood if you'd like to make it even better for cold weather.

And finally, you can choose rabbit or bear ears : the rabbit ears are on the hood, the bear ears are on the front, just at the seam of sleeves.

What we took the time to create with Camille is a video detailing all the necessary steps to sew and stitch this new cardigan. My husband had to do the narration of the video, but he did an OK job. If you'd prefer to hear Camille, go to the french version on ikatee.fr.

Its a very versatile sewing pattern for babies, as you can see, and changing one little thing or another, you can express your creativity any way you like. It's perfect for baby girls and baby boys alike. A great sewing pattern for babies ages 6 months to 4 years.

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy