A new collab ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 2)



On Friday, I announced the release coming soon (early September) of my collaboration with Fanny @petites_choses__!
Few months ago, I proposed Fanny to design a sewing pattern together and she said yes!
The specification was clear : a girl's clothing (3-12 years), rather a blouse, with a little more technical points than usual. Which left a lot of options.
Fanny has been thinking about her side for a few weeks, and came back to me with an idea, some drawings and this type of inspiration (in photo)... the Victorian era and her sweet, romantic, elegant blouses and dresses... 3 features that are important to her and that, more or less consciously, she wanted to get in our sewing pattern design. Fanny especially likes the small and chic collars of that time.... we didn't know how to make it possible and especially aesthetic on a child, but super motivated, we got to work!

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy