Sewing accessories

Must-have accessories

  1. A sewing machine (I have more than one, from basic to advanced)
  2. Scissors: at least two pairs, one for fabric and one for paper and sewing patterns
  3. A seam ripper
  4. Thread spools in the main colors you use
  5. A measuring tape. Most use inches on one side and cms on the other.
  6. A tailor's chalk or a craftwork pencil
  7. Pins and plastic clips
  8. Sewing needles for your sewing machine or for hand sewing
  9. A thimble (I personally don't use one, except for embroidery)
  10. A set of safety pins (different sizes)
  11. Buttonhole foot for your sewing machine (it's usually provided with the sewing machine and each one has a system)
  12. A steam iron always close by!

To make your life easier

  1. A rotary cutter (and preferably 2, one for paper and one for fabric)
  2. Trimming or needlework scissors
  3. A tracing wheel
  4. A colored "carbon" or "chacopy" paper to transfer sewing lines on the fabric
  5. A cutting mat
  6. A 60cm hard metal ruler
  7. Weights to hold fabrics while you cut (or use any heavy object)
  8. A pin punch to create holes but and gently press through fabric when you reverse 
  9. it
  10. A zipper foot for your sewing machine
  11. A sleeve board

And last, for sewing addicts:

  1. Special feet for your sewing machine. I recommend a hem foot, a gathering foot, a conveyor, it's easier for knitted fabrics.
  2. A serger/overlock! I love my Pfaff Overlock 4.0 even if putting threads drives me crazy. But in the U.S. you'll be more likely to have a Singer or Brother.