Projector sewing patterns: how does it work?

What is a projector pattern?

You might already know it: projector files for sewing patterns are quite popular in the U.S.A., and at Ikatee, we've decided to make easy for you to use them with our sewing patterns. 

Basically, it is a projection of the pattern image directly on the fabric. This way, you can cut it without the need to print and tape or retrace your sewing patterns: the pieces you need to cut are already projected on the fabric. It saves time, money, and paper, game-changing, no?!

Necessary material for sewing pattern projection.

Of course, to use this technique, you will need a bit of material, starting with a video projector fixed to the ceiling. Make sure to inform yourself about the subject, it’s not as expensive as some might think. You will also need a tablet or laptop to read the projector files, and if you really want to be efficient: a cutting mat and a rotary cutter, to cut directly your fabric. 

You can also trace the line of your pattern and then cut, your choice! It also depends on the size of the pieces and your workplace. 

 What's in a projector file?

At Ikatee, if existing, the projector file is included in the PDF pattern. 

Here are the features included in our PDF projector pattern : 

  • Sizes layers, so you can select the size you need. 
  • Calibration grid in imperial (2 inches) or metric (5 cm).
  • 4 colored backgrounds (magenta, cyan, green, yellow)
  • For all pieces, grainline in the same direction.
  • All pieces are drawn. 
  • Full lines. 
  • Wide space around the file (50 cm/ 19 inches at least)
  • « Unfolded » pieces. 
  • Pieces aligned with each other for easy print matching. 
  • Pieces close to each other for an easy movement of the file, and to avoid too much fabric consumption.

A projector file includes layers that you can choose to display or not. To read this file, you need a specific software. We recommend Acrobat Reader (or Foxit). 

For more information about projector sewing patterns, we recommend joining one of the many Facebook groups existing, where you will find an active community with many tips and tricks, including very good advice about the choice of projector. We will progressively augment our projector pattern collection, and update our current patterns to include projector patterns as well.