JIM sewing pattern - Video tutorial

Feel free to click the icon at the bottom right to view the video in full screen, and press the Esc or Esc key to exit the full screen.


You have direct access to chapters inside the video's timeline:

A. The pattern, the options
B. Fabrics and supplies
C. Which machine?

A. Cut the pieces
B. Knee patches option (Jim)

A. Assemble the pockets (Dakar/Jim)
B. Assemble the legs (Dakar/Jim)
C. Elasticated waistband: slider version (Dakar/Jim)
D. Elasticated waistband: visible elastic version (Dakar)
E. Bottom of legs in ribbing (Jim)
F. Elasticated bottom of legs (Dakar)
G. Simple hems at the bottom of the legs (Dakar)
H. Short pants option (Dakar)
I. Flat ribbon option (Dakar)