🍁 New corduroy fabrics

🍁 New corduroy fabrics

All about corduroy

Famous in the 70's, corduroy fabric has been making a comeback in ready-to-wear for a few years now. Corduroy fabrics give your garments a vintage touch that we love. This material is particularly soft, warm, resistant and supple. It is a ribbed fabric whose ribs can be more or less wide. Depending on the direction of the fabric, it reflects the light differently. This is why it is important to cut all your pieces in the same direction to avoid changing color effect. Corduroy, baby-corduroy or fur-lined corduroy, here is a small presentation of the different velvets currently in stock at ikatee!

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You will find different types of corduroy on our website. Here are a few criteria to help you choose your fabric according to your sewing project. First of all, the size of the wales which is indicated by a number giving you the number of wales per inch: 4W, 6W or 8W. The higher the number, the finer the wales because there are more of them per inch. For example, baby corduroy fabric is classified as 21W

Grand'ourse jacket by @tiph_bricole, Dakar pant by @rafael_ruben_y_mama

Secondly, you can also have a look to the composition of the fabric. All our corduroys are made of cotton, but some contain elastane and are therefore stretchy. They will be softer and have slightly less maintain than corduroy without elastane. On the other hand, they will be more suitable for sewing garments that require a flowing fit. Be aware that a fabric with elastane will have a longer lifespan over time.

Toronto dress

Last but not least, you can also look at the weight of your fabric. This criterion will give you a good idea of its density which is always good to know when ordering online. Our selection of big 4W and 6W corduroy have relatively equal weights. You can gather and sew them easily, while still having a relatively heavy fall for a nice, wintery look.

Stockholm dress by @monpetitcoudbiscuite

Many patterns can be sewn in big rib velvet: Sam and Grand'ourse jackets, Boston, London and Brooklyn overalls and jumpsuits, Stockholm, Toronto, Milano and Cerise dresses and skirts, New York, Dakar and Avana pants and why not the Bilbao bloomer and the Sydney romper.

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Baby corduroy

Baby corduroy are relatively fine, comfortable, very soft and fluffy. They can be easily gathered. They are therefore perfect for blouses, shirts, light trousers, winter shorts, dresses, skirts, bloomers, or even bags. They can be lined with a jersey for trousers or a full winter dress, or with a cosy fur or fleece knit for jackets.

Parsi skirt. Ida blouse by @monpetitcoudbiscuite

2 types of baby corduroy are available: 21W which is very thin and light, in plain or printed, and slightly thicker and stretchy milleraies in plain. A wide range of colours is available and matching some of our printed poplins or Liberty. Think about it for your small details!

Toronto dress

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