More very nice clothes sewed by…


It's a never-ending pleasure to find Ikatee sewing patterns on blogs or instagram pages. Here are the latest I found :

Monica's Ma Me Mi Mo Marieke interpretation

Marieke sewing pattern by Ma Me Mi Mo

And she didn't stop there! The baby sister had her own Volantis too… I really like the contrasting colors and it's a great idea.

In a different country, but also with a flower, Grand'Ourse has apparently found a happy new home in the Netherlands with Van Jansen's version.

Unfortunately, it's a language I don't understand at all… Sad face. But the rabbit version seems to be the preferred one, no ?

And finally, I found this Camelia Blouse from Zwirnguin. By a great coincidence, the fabric she used is almost an ikat, at least in the graphic pattern ;-)

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy