🍁Fake fur and Corduroy fabrics are in stock

🍁Fake fur and Corduroy fabrics are in stock

Winter season fabrics are online

Corduroy Fabrics

These velvets are 100% cotton. They combine softness, warmth and comfort. They are perfect for the Grand'Ourse models, the Sam parka, the Avana and Dakar trousers or straight skirts like Cerise. These velvets are available in 9 colours.

Corduroy fabrics

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Printed baby corduroy fabrics

These plain baby corduroy are relatively thin, comfortable, very soft and fluffy to the touch. They can be ruffled. They are therefore perfect for blouses, shirts, light trousers, winter shorts, dresses, skirts, bloomers and even bags. It can be lined with a jersey for trousers or a full winter dress, or with a soft fur or fleece knit for jackets.

Printed corduroy fabrics

Sherpa lined suede fabrics

Available in 6 colours, this fleece-lined suede fabric with a "sheepskin fur" look is warm, soft, stretchy and comfortable. Very supple, it is ideal for children and is VERY easy to work with (the selvedges are left raw, no need to overcast). It can be used to make hooded sweaters or jackets, sleeveless waistcoats or even blankets, plaids or accessories / comforters.

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