Free tutorial - SCHOOL 2 - pencil case

Sewing pattern and tutorial  for kids

Pencil case for kids or their parents.

In coated fabric.

WIth lining.

Specs : W*H  25*12cm (10 in*4,8in)

Size might be adapted. Just adapt the zipper length.

A perfect sewing pattern for beginners 

Ready for Back to school?


Fabrics and trims

Fabric 1 : coated fabric. 30*15cm 

Fabric 2 : another coated fabric 30*15cm

If you prefer only one fabric use 30*30cm

Fabric 3 : lining in cotton : 30*15cm

Tone and tone sewing threads

zipper (inseparably) of 25 cm (10in.) of length

Any decorative patch as another option.


Free tutorial and sewing pattern PDF to download

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