How To Print A PDF Pattern


What is a PDF sewing pattern?

To make the most of the advantages of this sewing pattern format, here are some explanations and tips. When you purchase a PDF sewing pattern from ikatee, you will receive a download link to the following files:
  • the tutorial with the assembly instructions, 
  • an A4 file for each size to print at home
  • an A4 multi-size file, to print at home
  • a multi-size A0 file, which you can have printed by a partner printer
Once you have downloaded and saved each file to your computer, it is time to print.

How do I print my PDF sewing pattern?

Don't worry, it's simple, even if it's often the step you dread. Indeed, a mistake in the scale, and you have to start all over again. So, to avoid this pitfall and to enjoy your PDF pattern immediately, here is a video tutorial that takes you step by step through the printing and assembly of your pattern at home. Follow the guide!

To make everybody happy, ikatee also offers the pdf format in A0 on its patterns. These are very large sheets with all the pieces printed for all sizes at the same time, which are printed by a printer. This saves you the trouble of printing, gluing and cutting the A4 sheets... But you will have to wait until the printer sends you your patterns.

The advantages of the PDF pattern

The choice between a PDF pattern and a paper pattern can be a tough one, but it clearly depends on your preferences and the pattern, as some patterns have (too) many pages to be printed at home. However, here are the advantages that we find :

  • the pattern is available right away wherever you are,
  • you can print only the desired size or in multiple sizes, without the need for decals, as the pieces are not superimposed
  • quick assembly for baby and children's patterns which often contain few pages
  • financial savings, as the PDF pattern is less expensive than the paper pattern and there are no shipping costs

You now have all the cards in your hand to get started! And for those who are not yet convinced, our paper patterns are still available.

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  • Stéphanie Godefroy