Tutorial - How to download, print and prepare digital sewing patterns for kids

In this video tutorial, I show you how to download, print and put together your digital sewing patterns so that you can print them perfectly at home and you are ready to start sewing in minutes.

If you need a PDF reader, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

1) Buy and download your PDF sewing pattern

To print your PDF sewing pattern, you must first buy it and download it. This may seem trivial but it is very important to download the files one by one. A PDF pattern can contain many files. For example, at ikatee you will find a tutorial file, a file for each size and often an A0 file. We therefore strongly advise you to download all the files and save them in a specific folder on your computer. Because at ikatee you are only allowed five downloads, and the link is not in your customer account. You can create a folder in your mailbox to find it, but above all, save your files on your computer.

2) Print the PDF sewing pattern at home

A) Adjust your printer

Once you have selected the size you want to print and opened the file, comes the more technical phase: check the printing settings. If you don't print at the right scale, your pattern will be distorted. Your garment may not be the right size.

The parameters to select :
  • portrait printing
  • A4 format
  • 100% scale (this is THE key parameter for the success of your print)

B) Print the TEST page

The ikatee PDF sewing patterns are equipped with a verification square on the first page. Once you have selected your settings, please print only the first page of your pattern and check that the test square measures 3 cm by 3 cm. If this is the case, then you can print the rest of your pattern, making sure that all the parameters mentioned in the previous paragraph are still active. Indeed, they can "jump" from one print to the next.

If the square is not 3x3 cm, you have probably missed a parameter. Go back to the list and check that everything is correct.

If you have trouble downloading the files, try changing your browser (Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox, for example).


3) Assemble your PDF pattern

You will notice that the pattern lines are framed. What we want to do is place them edge to edge and connect them. To get rid of the margins of the sheet, I advise you to cut along the frame, as this is the option that will create the least amount of paper thickness. But if you want to save time, here are some tips: you can simply fold the edges onto the lines (see video) or cut 2 lines out of 4, always the same ones.

You can then place the sheets edge to edge, making sure the marks match, and we recommend that you tape them together. We recommend that you tape the sheets together. Also follow the assembly plan of the sheets carefully so that you get to the line at the right time. If you don't, you may end up with oddly shaped pieces!

4) Cut out the PDF pattern

The last step is cutting! You just have to follow the cutting lines, knowing that at ikatee, the seam allowances are always included.

Now that you know how to print, assemble and cut a PDF pattern, you can find all our PDF patterns in the shop.

5) Option: print an A0 pattern at a printer's

Patterns are now available in A0 format in multi-size versions only.

Print in A0, our recommendations
In order to make the printing process easier and to avoid gluing A4 sheets together...ikatee offers the A0 pdf format on its patterns. These are very large sheets with all the pieces printed for all sizes at the same time. We avoid overlapping the pieces in this case to allow you to cut directly if you wish....at the same time, it's always a shame to cut a pattern sheet because you often want to make another size later. In short, we have tested two printing sites for A0 sizes for you


The 2 sites are very easy to use; you upload your files and you pay with a courier or express delivery, the boards arrive folded in an envelope (we did it with chronopost express and we had it the next day...but in general, it will take 3 days maximum). The quality of the paper is great and the printing quality is not a problem.

The price...count from 1,20 to 2,40 € in black and white and 2,40 to 4 € HT in colour per page (dimension 841 x 1189 that is to say 1m2 approximately) excluding delivery costs.

We highly recommend either of these sites!