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A new collaboration : Ikatee x Petites Choses (episode 1) 0


It's with a real pleasure that I announce my new collaboration... and it's with the talented and delicate Fanny @petites_choses.
The official release of the fruit of our work is planned in 2 weeks, so in the meantime, we wanted to take you backstage and tell you in a few days these few months spent working together!
I discovered Fanny on Instagram. Keen on sewing, she creates many garments from sewing patterns often adapted according to her inspirations... and that, I love it. She regularly presented beautiful garments made from ikatee's sewing patterns.
Then she participated in the experience called ©capsul studio, a concept based on the sale of clothing made from sewing pattern partner brands. Ikatee was also part of the adventure. So Fanny proposed a nice child corner by taking pleasure in sewing her "mini things", that she always reinvented.
This is what finally led us to meet at the fair Creations & Savoir-Faire 2017 in Paris. Fanny came to meet. For those who do not know her, she is a passionate who has a taste for the delicate universe, beautiful materials, modern outfits, always chic and with great finishes. She has a real talent in design; she starts from her inspirations and transforms and combines the products between them with Brio. Besides, Fanny makes almost professional finishes and I have to say that the quality of her works really impressed me... yet it's not her real job (she is orthoptist in life :) the original creations she proposed from the sewing patterns quickly made me imagine a collaboration ; a partnership animated by the envy of fine, contemporary products.
A few months later, I proposed Fanny to develop together a child stylde that we would turn into a sewing pattern for kids.
... we tell you more quickly, be patient!

A star is born ! 0

Stella is ancient name for a star and this blouse & dress duo is also one of the stars of our sewing patterns for girls.

blouse sewing pattern for girls dress sewing pattern for girl

  • A girly and charming outfit with a loose fit,
  • Long sleeves or tanktop versions,
  • Front and back side yokes,
  • Gathers and ruffles,
  • Back opening with a button,
  • Binding at neckline and armholes for the tanktop version

Ruffles are nicer when they are in one piece, but for this one, it makes a lot of fabric. So I had to be creative to place the pattern.

Already a best-seller in France !

Discover that sewing pattern for girls here.

Sewing for baby : simple and comfortable 0

We have a solution for you to the daily question : "What am I going to put to this cute baby?" with the comfortable and easy to sew harem pants Sevilla.

Three colors of harem pants for babies

Easy-fit, easy to sew, easy to wear : easy everything. But you can also start wit the simplest version, and then add pockets, add bing to pockets, add lining for winter, etc.

A comfortable outfit from 1 month to 4 years old : if they don't ask for it when they're teenagers, they didn't wear it enough !

Camelia now available in English 0

The Camelia Blouse & Dress Sewing Pattern is now also available in English (it was only on before). It's a duo sewing pattern which you can use to create all seasons garments, adding lining for autumn/winter. You can also accessorize it the way you want. To find more about this new sewing pattern, check

A new blouse for a little princess 0

The Stockholm blouse sewing pattern is now available for baby girls. This short or long sleeves sewing pattern can be used for both summer and winter garments. Choose your best fabric for the season.

More info here

Autumn is coming 0

Summer holidays are slowly finishing and it will soon be time to go back to school here, and get ready for the first cold bites of autumn.

Here's the first sewing pattern of dresses that are perfect for both summer and winter seasons, Sakura. It's a blouse or a dress, with Kimono sleeves, gipsy style.

 Of all our children sewing patterns, this one has had the fastest success in France. And it's now available in English.

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